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The EU Settlement Scheme the facts so far!

If like me, you are not a British National, the rules at the moment are that you will need to apply for Settled status before 30 June 2021. There are many social media horror stories and scaremongering around the application process for individuals and also panic from employers who seem to think their foreign national…
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With the festive time rapidly approaching we would like to take a few moments of your time to say ‘thankyou’  ………. To all of our Clients  old and new for your loyalty and opting to use our much loved company. To all of the local companies  who we use to supply and promote Link Recruitment.…
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Amazing things are going on at Link Recruitment

Recruiting can be exciting especially when you are approached by a new Company to source staff for their business. All good recruiters spend time getting to know the Client and working out exactly what skills are required and what type and fit of staff they are looking for. We are always delighted when we receive…
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Dont leave us hanging

Ghosting – a term which many people who have ventured into the realms of online dating might be familiar with – is the practice of ending personal relationships or a conversation without explanation. However, what used to be exclusively part of the dating game has now crept onto the job-hunting scene. Over the past few…
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Its often the small things that make a difference

I recently read an article by Guy Hayward, CEO of Goodman Masson and it really resonated with me. As there are more and more demands on your time the temptation to use computerised systems, apps, and mail merge is great but I still believe that the personal touch makes more of an impact. We might…
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“So Tell me about yourself “(dreaded interview questions)

How to answer “so tell me about yourself?” And so it begins. Weeks of scrolling through job boards and CV advice has led to this blatant misuse of the word ‘chat,’ but you remain unfazed as you’ve already nailed the interview. The casual exchange of small talk passes you off as a human being and…
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Temporary work can lead to permanent opportunities.

Temporary work can open up all sorts of opportunities for candidates. We are thrilled when our staff are lucky enough to be given employment contracts by our Clients. It demonstrates how important placing the right candidate is to us. We would like to say well done and thankyou to some of our staff who have…
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Nurture our younger generation and keep them in Cumbria.

As a business advisor at Caldew School, Dalston, Carlisle, Cumbria I work with Cheryl Eastburn who runs the Young Enterprise initiative at the School. We have guided the team of students through the process of initial business idea to actually running their own company over a matter of weeks. This has been challenging for the…
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