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“So Tell me about yourself “(dreaded interview questions)

How to answer “so tell me about yourself?” And so it begins. Weeks of scrolling through job boards and CV advice has led to this blatant misuse of the word ‘chat,’ but you remain unfazed as you’ve already nailed the interview. The casual exchange of small talk passes you off as a human being and…
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Temporary work can lead to permanent opportunities.

Temporary work can open up all sorts of opportunities for candidates. We are thrilled when our staff are lucky enough to be given employment contracts by our Clients. It demonstrates how important placing the right candidate is to us. We would like to say well done and thankyou to some of our staff who have…
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Nurture our younger generation and keep them in Cumbria.

As a business advisor at Caldew School, Dalston, Carlisle, Cumbria I work with Cheryl Eastburn who runs the Young Enterprise initiative at the School. We have guided the team of students through the process of initial business idea to actually running their own company over a matter of weeks. This has been challenging for the…
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How much time and money does it cost you to handle your own recruiting?

We are always surprised when we are told ‘it’s too expensive to use an employment agency, I can do it myself at a fraction of the cost’. This may be true, however have you actually added up how much that ‘fraction of the cost really is’? I recently had an interesting discussion about this with…
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Budding Entrepreneurs helping to save the planet

SMALL CHANGES FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS We are passionate about helping our next generation get ready for the world of work. I has been working with Caldew School Young Enterprise team in Cumbria (Atmos). Atmos have come up with an environmentally friendly money saving idea to reduce plastic waste within their school. Working closely with other…
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Supporting Young Enterprise

I am passionate about helping our younger generation prepare themselves for the world of work. Having seen my own children experience the transition from students to young employees, I have come to realise that we business owners can certainly help. Today’s children are our future and it is our responsibility to nurture and encourage them…
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Networking……. not so daunting after all!

Cast your mind back to the very first networking event you attended, were you lucky, did you feel calm, inquisitive and a touch excited or were you quaking at the knees, feeling physically sick and imagining you were about to be surrounded by hundreds of scary people pointing a finger shouting’ look it’s the new…
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Permanent Recruitment, Why Use An Agency?

The cost of replacing an employee is clustered between 10-30% of their annual salary. There are direct and indirect costs involved in replacing staff members. The direct costs include: 1. Separation costs such as exit interviews. 2. The cost to cover their duties temporarily by staff overtime. 3. Replacement costs such as advertising, screening applicants,…
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