Body Language

Is your body language preventing you from getting the job?

You’ve put a lot of effort into dressing well and grooming yourself for the interview, but have you considered how your body language might be impacting your chances? Surprisingly, it can play a significant role.

  1. Eye contact matters: Maintaining eye contact shows enthusiasm, attentiveness, and understanding. Avoid constant staring, but when answering questions, maintain eye contact and take brief moments to glance away as you gather your thoughts.
  2. Hands: Avoid putting your hands in pockets or engaging in fidgety behaviour. A good technique is hand steepling – pressing your fingers together like a prayer. Minor hand gestures for emphasis are fine but avoid aggressive pointing or nervous actions like nail-biting.
  3. Smile and nod: Smile and nod appropriately to show enthusiasm and agreement. Don’t nod if you don’t understand a question; ask for clarification. Be mindful of the job type; certain roles may require smiling.
  4. Power posing: Try “power posing” before the interview, standing in strong and motivating postures. It can boost testosterone, confidence, and reduce stress, helping you feel more relaxed and speak clearly during the interview.
  5. Posture matters: Sit up straight, push your chest out, straighten your lower back, and bring your shoulder blades in. This shows confidence, enthusiasm, and attentiveness and improves your speaking abilities.

In conclusion, body language not only impresses the interviewer and creates a good first impression but also affects your confidence and aura. By paying attention to your body language, you can wield one of the most powerful psychological tools to succeed in your interview.