Do you overlook good applicants because you don’t have the resources to screen candidates thoroughly?

We recently had an applicant apply for a permanent position. On paper they had many of the required attributes but did not stand out from the crowd.
The individual was phone screened by us and invited in for an interview to ascertain their skills and find out a bit more about them as a person.
After a thorough meeting we were confident they were just what the Client was looking for, so we forwarded the individual to the Client for the role.
The Client interviewed the Candidate and they were delighted to offer the applicant the position.

What is different about that you may ask?

Well it turns out the Candidate had applied to the Client direct for that same role earlier and had a rejection letter.
Recruiting is what we do every day and we have the time and resources to be able to thoroughly screen all candidates who apply for positions. We can find out more about the person applying for the role to ensure they have relevant skills and have the personality to fit in with the company.
In today’s busy environment many companies simply do not have the time to screen applicants in as much depth as we can. Applicants CV’s may not sell them or make them stand out from the crowd.

Candidate testimonial;
The team at Link were so helpful and understanding. Jeanett kept me informed and was friendly in her approach. The pre-meeting was very thorough, and I felt comfortable that they understood my situation and ability to refer me successfully. I’d highly recommend.