Do you trust your Recruiter?

I am asking this question because I had a disappointing scenario happen to me this week. I was called with an enquiry from a client based out of Cumbria who needed a member of staff for a specific short term job. I was initially sent a job description but felt I needed to gain a better insight into the “feel” of the office they would be working in and also exactly what the manager on site was looking for. It turned out to be vastly different to the job description. I had a look through our database of candidates and knew I had a candidate who would love the work and was easily capable of doing the job and who could bring real value to the client. Unfortunately, the client didn’t think the C.V showed the skills they wanted, I am positive that if they had agreed to meet with the candidate they would have had a very different opinion.

 It is hard to know who to trust in business and I think Recruiters have had some bad press in the past. Trust for us is a 3-way partnership.

Clients needs to trust that we have found them a candidate who is capable and willing to do the job they want them to do.

Candidates need to trust that we offer them work in a job that they want to do, that fits in with their family commitments and pays them appropriately. We want them to know that their reputation is in safe hands, we won’t do anything to harm our reputation either. It is a small world and candidates often become clients.

We need to trust that our client will treat our candidate with respect, that they have similar ethics to us, a safe working environment and that they will pay our bills.

This has been a hard blog to write. I have met many candidates and employers who have looked me up and down, and I could see them thinking “What sort of person is this? Can I trust her?”

“Yes, I hope that you can.”