Dont leave us hanging

Ghostinga term which many people who have ventured into the realms of online dating might be familiar with – is the practice of ending personal relationships or a conversation without explanation.
However, what used to be exclusively part of the dating game has now crept onto the job-hunting scene.

Over the past few years we have been encouraging employers to get back to their candidates. It is rude and bad practice to invite people to apply to your vacancy and then completely ignore them when they have taken the time to do so.

However, employers are now getting a taste of their own medicine as ghosting has been adopted by candidates. Candidates are tired of chasing for feedback and as more choices become available to them, there has been a turning of the tables.

We believe all parties should be respectful of one another’s time.
Some jobseekers may be tempted to ghost employers because they have been offered more than one job, or often they apply for multiple jobs as they are expecting not to hear back from the majority of employers, so when they do hear back, they just don’t bother responding to their least favourite.

We have experienced this from both sides, employers not getting back to us with feedback on candidates and applicants not getting back to us to let us know if they want to proceed with their application or accept a job offer.
We feel that this is a very worrying trend and certainly not a good one, it is very short-sighted from both employers and candidates. Ghosting is timewasting and it may cause awkwardness should you ever come face-to-face with each other again.

Honesty is the best policy. An email or phone call is all that is needed, it will ensure that you are remembered for all the right reasons!