Light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel following the Government announcement last week, let us hope the re-opening of businesses will be good news for our region.

It has been a tough and challenging business year for most, although some companies have gained, others have not. Some have had to evolve and embrace new business technology that would not necessarily have been top of their business agenda in normal times.

For us it has been daunting and exciting, although we have been in business for many years and worked though recessions this pandemic has been unprecedented, so like most other business owners we have embraced it and challenged it with positivity. 

Being a long-established company with a distributed workforce means there has been many months when we have never met our candidates face to face. Online recruitment and Zoom interviews have replaced our person to person interview procedures. From the lovely feedback we have received this appears to have worked well with our Clients and Candidates, however we still miss the experience of ‘getting to know’ our workforce in the same room. Moving on, we will work with both procedures to suit our Candidates and Clients alike.

We are looking forward to bigger and better improvements to come in 2021! Hopefully, we will get the chance to meet more regularly soon, but until then we must all stay positive and move forward.