A little respect goes a long way

A lot has changed since we started Link Recruitment in 2001, but our values have stayed the same. We are still passionate about the people we work with and determined to treat everyone as an individual.
We get feedback daily from candidates about their numbers of unanswered job applications, but as our own children grow up and start to apply for jobs too, we have seen first-hand the poor responses that they have experienced. Often these applications ask for excessive amounts of information, leaving little to ask at an interview and take a considerable amount of time to complete, and yet most employers can’t seem to find the time to acknowledge receipt of them or let people know if they have or have not been successful.
It’s not only good manners to reply to applicants, but it’s good business too. Maybe the applicant doesn’t have the exact skills the employer is looking for at the minute but who knows what skills and experience they may have in a few years’ time? They could even be in business themselves looking for a supplier or service and decide not choose your company because you didn’t take the time to respond to their application.
Link Recruitment has been trading for the last 16 years and we have always endeavoured to respond promptly to both candidates and clients. However many applications we receive, we make a point of getting back to everyone within two to three days, whether they are successful or not. Its not only fair to them, but shows them and their family and friends that we are a good company to deal with.
Cumbria has a serious skills shortage, and we all have a part to play in making it attractive for young people to stay in the area. We believe that this starts with showing them the respect they deserve. After all, spending a few minutes to acknowledge an application form that has taken a couple of hours to complete surely it isn’t asking too much.
We are all passionate about the area we live in and want it to thrive and prosper, Cumbrian businesses need to show people that we are different and that it is worth staying( or even relocating) here. Businesses can spend all the money in the world promoting themselves and trying to attract skills to the area but if they are lethargic about such a simple thing as responding to applicants how is Cumbria ever going to succeed?