The EU Settlement Scheme the facts so far!

If like me, you are not a British National, the rules at the moment are that you will need to apply for Settled status before 30 June 2021.

There are many social media horror stories and scaremongering around the application process for individuals and also panic from employers who seem to think their foreign national employees have to have Settled status prior to starting work.
Firstly, the deadline is not until 30. June 2021 so plenty time, secondly this was only set up if Britain leaves without a deal, so things could change again.

I found the application process easy and hassle-free. I used an old Android phone to download the app. Setting up the account was a bit longwinded, but nothing compared to the online job application forms we see being used by some companies. As I am Self Employed, I had to provide supporting documents in the form of my council tax bills for the last 5 years. Carlisle City Council were extremely cooperative  and sent me an email with the required information.
I received my approved email less than a week after my initial application.