What do you need from us ?

What do you need from us?

This is one of the questions we ask all our new candidates and although we have had a variety of answers the most common answer is “Communication”.

It seems that Employers and Recruitment Agencies are still failing to keep their candidates informed both throughout the recruitment process and even after they have registered for work.

We have had a lot of staff tell us how the only form of communication they have received from other recruiters is what seems like standard information texts.

That is not how we work here…. Call us “old fashioned” but we like to speak to people either face to face or over the phone, we still think you build much better relationships this way. Questions can be easily answered, help can be offered, and solutions worked on.

Open and honest conversations during the interview stage can also highlight skills and experiences that you /the candidate hasn’t thought of or jobs you really are not interested in or not suitable for.

When you contact us, you can expect a good chat!